15 Handy Tips for First Time Travelers to Myanmar

Myanmar is a great place to visit, without a doubt! You can enjoy mesmerizing religious architecture, spectacular waterfalls, pristine jungles, and vibrant ethnic villages. For the first time travelers to Myanmar, there are many tips to make a perfect trip to Myanmar easily.

Visa and passport

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the entry date to Myanmar and must have at least one blank visa page. People from Southeast Asian countries can visit Myanmar for 2 weeks without a visa. Singaporean can visit for 30 days without a visa.


The official currency of Myanmar is Kyat (pronounces ‘chat’), abbreviated as K. Larger transactions for hotels, luxury restaurants or flight tickets accept US Dollar. As the exchange rate is fluctuating, local currency is the best for your purchase.

Power Sockets, Phone & Internet

Hotels and restaurants in Myanmar have Wi-Fi. You can also buy a SIM card and purchase a cheap data package from these telecoms: Telenor, MPT, Mytel, and Ooredoo. You can bring your own adapter or your hotel can provide multi-socket power strips.

Getting around Myanmar

Taxis in Myanmar are accessible and reasonable in price. Train is a romantic way to travel. For the bus tickets, you can purchase online or at the bus station such as from Yangon, ticket to Mandalay.

Healthcare and Safety

Check your health record and bring prescript medicines and essential medicines. Big cities are safe to travel. But be careful visiting remoted areas like Rakhine, Shan, and Kachin states.


Myanmar is hot and humid throughout the year. The monsoon season is between June and October. November to March is cool and dry. April and May are the hottest months.

Cultural Etiquette

When you enter any religious sites: take off shoes at the entrance of temples or monastery, remove your hats, and cover up your shoulders, elbows, and legs.


Most Myanmar people cannot speak English, thus learn some basic Burmese sentences, and prepare a translation app to communicate with local people.


Most Myanmar foods are colorful and carry influences by all the neighboring countries like China and India.

Public holidays

Many religious holidays and festivals are in Myanmar, which are based on Burmese lunar calendar. Thingyan Water Festival is the most popular one that held to celebrate Burmese New Year.

Itineraries and Where to go

Here are four most famous destinations in Myanmar and you can customize your trip: Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inlay Lake.

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is the most beautiful beach with white sand, crystal-clear water, and palm trees waving on the sides, which is better than Phuket. The hotels and resorts are high quality.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

It’s Bagan! It’s ‘A Land of Pagodas’. Riding a balloon in Bagan will be your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Myanmar Air Ticket

The air situation in Myanmar is stable and safe overall. Domestic routes are available a lot.

Travel Expenses

The main expenses are the cost of hotels, transportation, and guides. The prices can rise during the peak season.

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