A Simple One-Day Plan to Taste The Yangon’s Life

Yangon! This welcoming city is the largest city in the country and important economic as well as cultural center. You can visit the main places to taste the traditions and cultures within a one-day trip.

Try Burmese Style Breakfast in Local Teahouse.

For breakfast in Yangon, local teahouses are great places and on a budget. For locals, teahouses are spaces to gossip, to read the paper, and people-watch as a cornerstone of the local social scene. Fried rice and Shan noodle are most popular heartier meals and a window into local Burmese life.

Visiting Iconic Buddhist Monument is a Must.

Never miss to visit Shwedagon Pagoda and Botahtaung Pagoda. Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda is the ginormous golden stupa, which is a wonderful introduction to the land of pagodas as well as a potent symbol of national identity. The best times to visit Shwedagon are in the very early morning and in the evening (for sunset).

Then, the person who wants to pray and believes in spirits should definitely visit Botahtaung Pagoda and Rohani Bo Bo Gyi who is the guardian spirit of Botahtaung Pagoda.

Experience Mixed Architecture at Sule Area.

Another place to visit is Sule Area, the middle of the Yangon City. You will experience the mixed architecture of modern, glass skyscrapers, colonial crumbling buildings, Christian churches, Chinese influences, and Burmese pagodas, Sule.

Meander Around the Bogyoke Aung San Market and the Wet Market at China Town.

Afterward, head to the Bogyoke Aung San Market and the wet market at China Town. A remarkable variety of native handicrafts, with stalls displaying lacquerware, metalwork, brass and marble sculpture, woodcarvings, embroidered textiles, musical instruments and even jade and gems can be seen.

Have Lunch in the Myanmar Traditional Restaurant.

Your lunch time in Yangon will be awesome too. There are many Myanmar traditional restaurants in Yangon that offer the sprawling range of fish, chicken, and vegetable curries, served with generous helpings of soups and side dishes. Furthermore, Myanmar noodles are also a delicious bowl.

Take the Circular Train.

If you desire a real insight into local Yangon life, it is better to take the circle train that stops at 38 stations. You can get a nice chance to meet the monks, commuters, and locals along the way as an authentic experience. But the trains are hot and bumpy.

Unwind the Evening at Kandawgyi Lake.

In the evening, get a head to Kandawgyi Lake which is surrounded by the zoo, parks and gardens. Locals usually come there to have some rest from the busy city center.

You will also see the Karaweik Hall which is the palace in the shape of a barge pulled by two golden birds.

Have Dinner at Kandawgyi Park for Arrays of Dinner Options.

You can have dinner at Kandawgyi Park. It is a local favourite for arrays of dinner options, for their dating time, and for watching the sunset.

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