10 Best Places to Eat in Bagan, Myanmar

There’re plenty of cheap and tasty restaurants and bars in Bagan lodge. You can find French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, English pub grub and various fusion efforts.

Sanon Training Restaurant

Sanon is a fantastic non-profit social enterprise organization that aims to train and assist local youths in hospitality and English and to have a successful career in the hospitality and tourism industries of Myanmar. The food here is fantastic; it uses high-quality ingredients and traditional flavours combined in imaginative and innovative ways.

Bibo Restaurant

Bibo Restaurant’s authentic Burmese food with a modern twist is hugely popular. They have a creative menu like burgers with matcha green tea buns and zesty cocktails, Bibo’s avocado salad (Burmese-style guacamole), and the Thai curries. Its relaxed atmosphere provides a great locale to wind down for the night.

7 Sisters Restaurant

This romantic restaurant is a spacious, open venue with a clean and comfortable setting with beautiful atmosphere and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner of Myanmar, Thai, Chinese, and European cuisine. It’s built like an authentic Tazaung with massive teak pillars and beams.

Sharky’s Garden Restaurant

This restaurant offers a spacious and delicious dining experience with organic ingredients grown on the restaurant founder’s own farm. Their menu has handmade pastas, pizzas, gelato, and artisan cheese plates. It always uses 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging, straws and cutlery.

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant

The Moon is a successful vegetarian cafe that provides a wide range of well-prepared vegetarian salads and curries of local and international inspiration with cheap prices with beautiful Burmese umbrellas shady, or at tables in a cool, bamboo-built, roofed section.

Nanda Restaurant and Puppet Show

Nanda Restaurant is well known for its traditional puppet shows. This place caters to touristy groups pouring in for the unusual performances. To avoid a long wait, especially for evening showings, make reservations and arrive early.

La Terrazza

With real Italian gnocchi down with a Red Mountain Shiraz including local wine, La Terrazza is ideal and the best place for travelers looking for a home cooked Italian meal or a mix of traditional Burmese with an Italian twist.

Kyaw Kitchen

For the amazing food menu and for its Burmese cooking classes with Myanmar-inspired décor sets, this must-try restaurant in Bagan provides classic flavours of Myanmar but with a French touch like juicy steaks, butter fish curry and chicken breast stuffed with Myanmar tea leaves and feta cheese.

Weather Spoon’s Restaurant and Bar

With Thai green curry and pad Thai, it’s a hugely successful place. If you hope to get a table, get there early. People from far and wide have come for Weather Spoon’s beef burger that is tantalizing with its big juicy bite of familiarity.

Sunset Garden Restaurant

Sunset Garden restaurant is prominent with Burmese, Chinese, and Thai dishes and aims principally at tour groups. Its attractiveness is the incredible view of the Irrawaddy River completed with a mountainous backdrop and a truly memorable sunset. You can have a refreshingly crisp Myanmar beer to re-energize after sightseeing.